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Welcome to the longest running site in the UK for speech and language therapy issues. We have maintained a web site (under various forms) since the beginnings of the web in 1995.

The site is maintained by two speech and language therapists,
Dr S. Pert and Dr C. Stow.

This is an unofficial site and is not linked to any organisation or body. This site will provide links, information and discussion forums for Speech and Language Therapists, associated medical and educational professionals, as well as resources for those affected by communication disabilities and their families. The aim of this site is to provide a resource of up to date links, information and entertainment.

Any information about Speech and Language Therapy itself, including referral, treatment, courses, employment, and all other official enquiries should be directed to the relevant officer at the
Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists, or you should make contact with your local Speech & Language Therapy Department. E-Mail asking for such information directed at the addresses below will be ignored or you will simply be asked to re-direct your enquiry to the RCSLT.

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