Books for parents or guardians of bilingual children

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Baker, C. (2000). A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism (4th ed.). Multilingual Matters Ltd.
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Cunningham, U. (2020). Growing Up with Two Languages: A Practical Guide for Multilingual Families and Those Who Support Them. Routledge.
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Kletsheads* is a podcast about bilingual children for parents, teachers and speech language therapists. What can you expect if you’re raising your children bilingually? What’s important? What will help your children’s language development and what won’t? In each episode, Dr. Sharon Unsworth, linguist and mother of two children (both bilingual, of course), discusses the science behind the language development of bilingual children with another expert. Along the way, there are practical tips, we hear from children about what it’s like growing up with two or more languages, and we talk to parents and professionals about their experiences with bilingual children.

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