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BBC's Transgender: A collection of programmes and clips looking at transgender issues

'I'm a transgender woman - ask me your invasive questions'

Should the NHS pay for transgender fertility treatment?

The couple still together after gender reassignment

My husband is transgender and we're still happy

A Change of Sex
Groundbreaking BBC series that follows Julia Grant’s life as a transgender person, from her first year living as a woman to her gender reassignment surgery and beyond.
This series originally screened on BBC2 in 1979.
The attitudes of many people, including the professionals is shocking from today's perspective.

Sounds Like She
Close your eyes and listen - can you hear the difference between a male voice and a female one? Usually but not always. And what is the difference? Gender transition is more and more in the public view, with the emphasis on the body - but what about the voice? The voice is invisible and most of us think little about how we make it and what it reveals about us.


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