NHS guidelines, RCSLT clinical guidelines, ASHA clinical guidelines and the HCPC standards of proficiency and the overwhelming scientific evidence supports a home language approach.

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Stow, C., & Pert, S. (2015). Best Practice – SLT Assessment and Intervention: Best practice for children and young people in bilingual settings – and in particular Gaelic Medium Education (GME). RCSLT Position Papers.

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2.13 understand the centrality of home language(s) to a service user’s identity, family life and community (culture and/or religion), by working to maintain, develop or enhance a client’s home language
Health Care Professions Council, UK
12.7 understand linguistics and phonetics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics and all levels of typical processing and the differences for individuals whose home language is not English
Health Care Professions Council, UK
13.20 assess and plan interventions in the service user’s home language with the assistance of professional interpreters, and with reference to professional clinical guidelines and evidence-based practice
Health Care Professions Council, UK

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)Bilingual Service Delivery

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