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'sprite' / sbɹaɪt /

'bright' / bɹaɪt /

With a full set of stunning, inclusive illustrations by Reyyan Hammad, BA
© 2024

Pert’s Optimal Minimal Pairs (POMP) by Dr Sean Pert ©2024 is a resource for s-cluster production. There are resources for /s/ + plosive di-clusters with illustrations and word lists for /s/ + plosive + /ɹ/ tri-clusters with minimal pairs.
Written English uses the graphemes ‘sp’, ‘st’ and sk’ which has misled people to believe that the vocalisation of these s-cluster is voiceless before the vowel. However, when the s-cluster is pre-vocalic (before the vowel), it is actually voiced.  This resource takes account of the fact that s-cluster reduction results in a word starting with a voiced plosive.
If the clinician is expecting to hear a voiceless plosive, then the clinician may incorrectly attribute the realisation to the phonological process of Context Sensitive Voicing, in addition to cluster reduction.
This resource with accompanying guidelines supports s-cluster reduction therapy using minimal pairs which have voiced plosive minimal pair sets for more natural realisations, such as ‘stamp’ versus ‘damp’, / sdæmp / versus / dæmp /.

The resource consists of:
  • Instruction manual with record forms
  • Care plan guides – long term, short term and sessional
  • Therapy task instructions
  • Therapy task recording forms
  • Minimal pair set illustrations:
    • Set 1 sp-words sb versus b-WI
    • Set 2 st-words sd- versus d-WI
    • Set 3 sk-words sg- versus g-WI
    • Set 4 spr- words sbr- versus br-WI
    • Set 5 str- words sdr- versus dr-WI
    • Set 6 skr- words sgr- versus gr-WI
  • Shopping list game WI word sets:
    • Set 1 sp-words
    • Set 2 st-words
    • Set 3 sk-words
    • Set 4 spr- words
    • Set 5 str- words
    • Set 6 skr- words

  • Working with Children Experiencing Speech and Language Disorders in a Bilingual Context: A home Language Approach
  • Paperback, Kindle Edition and Hardback editions
eBook (Chapters)
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eBook (Chapters)
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Bilingual language development in Pakistani heritage children in Rochdale UK:
intrasentential codeswitching and the implications for identifying specific language impairment

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Undergraduate dissertation

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