Voice and Communication Therapy (VCT) for trans and gender diverse individuals

VCT refers to the specialist speech and language therapy which some trans and non-binary people choose to undertake in order to achieve their authentic voice and communication.
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What is trans, gender-diverse and non-binary?
See Stonewall's List of LGBTQ+ terms

LGBT+ UK Population
The 2021 census asked the UK population about their sexuality and gender.
48,000 people (or 0.10%) identified as trans men, with the same number identifying as trans women.
30,000 people (0.06%) identified as non-binary.
18,000 (0.04%) wrote down a different gender identity.
Manchester has the second highest population in the UK for the LGBT+ community (6.7%)
See https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-64184736

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) - Member log-in required
RCSLT publish clinical guidelines and provide a competency framework for speech and language therapists to demonstrate their learning.

There is also an active Clinical Excellence Network (CEN) where speech and language therapists can meet up with other practitioners in the field and seek peer support and CPD.

RCSLT Clinical Excellence Network (CEN)
  • Voice and Communication Therapy Clinical Excellence Network.
  • Membership is free
  • Please e-mail to enquire about membership and events

Credentials for professionals
Post graduate qualifications for those working in Gender Healthcare

The LGBT Foundation's Trans Programme Voice Coaching Series with Dr Sean Pert

Access the FULL PLAYLIST here, or select an individual video.
NB. Please note that these videos are meant to be watched as a series and you should not attempt some exercises before attempting later ones. Please seek professional support from a Speech and Language Therapist and use these videos as a reminder/refresher only.

A series of 12 practical videos including:
A) Who is Sean?
B) How the Voice Works
C) Vocal Hygiene
D) Breath Support
E) Pitch
F) Resonance
G) Volume
H) Articulation
I) Communication
J) Non-Verbal
K) Interviews & Clothes
L) Concluding Interviews

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