Voice quality

Voice quality can be used to express (often subconscious) feelings, or a personal style of talking.

Other voice qualities may indicate a vocal pathology, or more widespread motor speech disorder.

Creaky voice or glottal fry

This is a very low frequency voice and has a distinct 'creak' or sounds like something frying and sizzling in a hot pan.

This is often employed by speakers, but may be negatively rated by listeners, especially if the speaker is female.


'Hello. This is creaky voice' / h̰ḛ.l̰ə̰ʊ̰ / / ð̰ɪ̰s ɪ̰z̰ kɹ̰ḭ.kḭ v̰ɔɪ̰s /

Note that only voiced consonants and vowels have the subscript tilda diacritic, as voice quality does not apply to voiceless segments.

Stacks Image 18

Creaky voice (cis male)

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Typical voice (cis male)

  • Note the lower pitch of creaky voice (my usual pitch is 100-120 Hz and the readout here is 88 Hz).

  • There is also considerable jitter and shimmer on the creaky voice sample.

  • The formant frequencies are much more defined on typical voice.

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