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Dr Sean Pert qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1995. He has post graduate qualifications in Healthcare Management, Higher Education teaching and Gender Identity Healthcare Practice. Sean’s PhD examined code switching (the use of bilingual utterances) and how errors in this domain could be used as a clinical marker for identifying Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) in bilingual children. Sean has published research and presented at national and international conferences. Sean’s publications include papers, book chapters, assessments in languages other than English (LOTE), and his latest book is ‘Working with Children Experiencing Speech and Language Disorders in a Bilingual Context: A Home Language Approach’.
Sean has extensive clinical experience in the National Health Service and the Charity Sector. Sean worked in one of the few services in the UK to provide a home language assessment and intervention care pathway.
Sean has been a
Senior Clinical Lecturer at The University of Manchester since 2014, where he teaches Clinical Phonetics (IPA Clinical Transcription), Speech Sound Disorder (SSD Analysis and Intervention), Bilingualism, and Voice & Communication Therapy (VCT) for trans and gender diverse individuals. Sean is also the Lead Consultant for the Indigo Gender Service, Greater Manchester, and the Chair of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT).

Sean is the first openly gay person, and the first man to hold the position of Chair of
RCSLT (2022 to present).
Sean has been awarded the Sternberg Award for Clinical Innovation on an unprecedented three occasions. His online teaching methods were recognised with the
Pandemic Pedagogy Teaching Award. Sean has also been nominated by his students for Most Inspiring Lecturer. His pro bono work with students and VCT was recognised with the  Staff Volunteer of the Year and Making a Difference Award for Social Responsibility.
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