The Robertson Dysarthria Profile (Revised)

As an undergraduate student speech and language therapist, I was fortunate to study under Miss Sandra J. Robertson. Sandra was the Programme Lead for the Speech and Language Therapy Degree Programme at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and my dissertation supervisor. Sandra was also the Chair of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (1991-1992).

Sandra was recognised in the RCSLT Honours Roll Call (1996, 2001).

Sandra published the original Robertson Dysarthria Profile (RDP)(1987). Communication Skill Builders/Therapy Skill Builders. ISBN: 9780884502098, 0884502090

Sandra also published textbooks in the field of dysarthria:

Robertson, S.J., and Thomson, F. (1987). Working with Dysarthric Clients: A Practical Guide to Therapy for Dysarthria. Routledge ISBN: 9780863883651 / 0863883656
The US version was published by Pro Ed. SBN 10: 0761674446 ISBN 13: 9780761674443.

Robertson, S.J., Tanner, B., and Young, F. (1997). Dysarthria Sourcebook: Exercises to Photocopy. Routledge. ISBN 9780863884283 (978-0-86388-428-3)
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The photo shows the two winners of the Speech Therapy Prize 1995, Sean and Louise.
Location: GMEX Centre, Manchester, UK.
Date: 17th July 1995.
Event: Ceremony of Awards, BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy degree programme 1995.
Sean Pert, left, Miss Sandra J. Robertson is centre, with Louise Osborne, right.
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Sandra was very committed to The Royal College of Speech and Language. Therapists (RCSLT), and helped to edit a history of the college:

Pert, S. (1995). An Evaluation of the Robertson Dysarthria Profile (Revised) with Reference to Cerebral Vascular Accident, Head Injury and Motor Neurone Disease Client Groups. An undergraduate dissertation, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Research publications using the RDP

Defazio, G., Guerrieri, M., Liuzzi, D., Gigante, A. F., & di Nicola, V. (2016). Assessment of voice and speech symptoms in early Parkinson’s disease by the Robertson dysarthria profile. Neurological Sciences, 37(3), 443–449.

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